Client Requirements

A customer contacted us seeking a comprehensive security solution for their two-story home and granny flat located on a busy street in Sydney. The granny flat is used as an office during the day. They preferred a system that is easy to use, self-monitored, and integrated into a single app.

Proposed Solution

After inspecting the property, we recommended the Hikvision Security System, which includes the following components:

  1. CCTV System:
    • Four 6MP cameras with motion detection and smart event recording (cars/humans).
    • Smart event functionality to simplify footage searches when needed.
  2. Intercom Door Station:
    • A 2MP camera door station with one button installed at the main door to notify homeowners of couriers and visitors.
    • The intercom door camera records on the same CCTV hard drive, eliminating the need for an additional camera for the main entry, and keeping the price within budget.
  3. Hikvision Ax Pro Alarm System:
    • Two arming modes:
      • Away Mode: When all sensors and door/window magnets are armed.
      • Stay Mode: When the granny flat and the perimeter of the main house (magnets on doors and windows) are armed.


We successfully installed a fully integrated security system for the customer’s two-story house and granny flat. The solution includes an alarm system, CCTV, and intercom, all accessible and controllable from both a mobile phone and a 10” monitor in the living room.

The alarm system’s battery and 4G backup provide the customer with peace of mind and protection in case someone attempts to cut the power, as the customer will be instantly notified. The alarm would still function normally in case of unauthorized entry.

By integrating these components into a single, easy-to-use system, we provided the homeowners with enhanced security and peace of mind, knowing their property is well-protected.

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