Bosch 3000 Solution (16 Zone) wired


This package is very suitable for single story houses with easy roof access, or pre-wired double story houses. Can be installed in 4-6 hours. .

this package includes the following:

  • 3 * Bosch Bule Lined hardwired movement detectors (PIRs)
  • Iconic Bosch Keypad
  • Bosch 3000 Panel, enclosure, Battery, power pack
  • Siren with blue strobe,

This package can be modified and upgraded to tailor your needs, including adding more PIRs, upgrading the PIRs for pet friendly ones, or installing the ethernet module to enable control of your Alarm system remotely via Bosch Application, ex: Arm/Disarm the alarm remotely.

Contact us to discuss your needs and tailor a quote as per your house requirements.