Bosch solution 3000 vs 6000: similarities and differences

Bosch solution 3000

What are Bosch solution 3000 and Bosch solution 6000 in the first place?

Bosch solution 3000 and Bosch solution 6000 alarm systems are products of Bosch company, a reputable international company that has a successful track record in security solutions. Both alarm systems operate the same way when it comes to the major aspects of securing your premises from intruders and burglars. However, many differences lie under the common features of both systems. Therefore, choosing the right security solution for your home or business will depend on many factors, including your needs and budget. Nonetheless, it’s always good to consult a professional advisor for help in picking the right alarm system for you. We can assure you that you will surely thank him for this decision in the future!

In this article, we gathered for you the major similarities and differences between both alarm systems, in order to help you select the best solution for your needs.

Bosch solution 3000 vs 6000: similarities

In a previous article, “How do alarm systems work”, we can clearly see that alarm systems have several features in common, namely:

  • – A control panel.
  • – Sensors.
  • – A screamer.
  • – A keypad solution.

Moreover, both systems also include:

  • – A metal enclosure with tamper switch.
  • – An 18-volt ac plug pack.
  • – A heavy-duty 7 amps back up battery.
  • – A 110db internal siren (screamer).
  • – Passive infrared motion sensors (PIR).
  • – An external siren/ strobe kit.

Bosch solution 3000 vs 6000: differences

And now, let’s dive together into the main differences between both alarm systems.

 Bosch solution 3000Bosch solution 6000
Covered zones (sensors)Maximum 16 programmable hardwired zones or wireless devices.Up to 144 programmable hardwired zones or wireless devices.
Number of users16 user codes (8 keypad pins and 8 radio frequency codes). Up to 256 users.
How does it notify you? (connectivity)It has built-in dialers to send domestic dialing signals to you.

When you pick up your mobile phone, you will hear an alarm noise.

It has the ability to call up to two mobiles.  

No SMS service is available.  
It has built-in dialers to connect your home’s PSTN landline.

It also has the ability to send you an SMS if your alarm system is triggered with zone information.
In case there is no landlineBoth Bosch solution 3000 / Bosch solution 6000 have an optional Ness GSM 3G that calls / sends an SMS to you. 

This requires a SIM card, and your mobile service provider will bill you.
IP moduleIt can connect the IP module to the control panel by cable only.  

It requires a static IP address.  
It could connect the IP module to the control panel by cable or Wi-Fi.  

There is no need to have a static IP address.
Wi-Fi keypadNot available.Available.
Mobile applicationNative Bosch app: RSC+  

No setup or ongoing fees are needed.  

No Static IP is required.  
check the following picture at:
A third-party app called: MyAlarm iFob app.  

Notification via push notification.  

Monthly fees apply or a lump-sum payment. 

No Static IP is required.    
Remote arming via mobileNot availableAvailable
Alarm memory recall  Not availableAvailable
Ability to include external keypads  Not availableAvailable
External readersNot availableAvailable
Proximity tagsNot availableAvailable
Finger scannerNot availableAvailable
Nightarm code pad (dedicated code pad which allows nighttime arming / disarming)Not availableAvailable
Additional apps 40 app additions: garage, doors, electronic strike, opening of doors, etc.

Additional features

Besides, there are extra features you can add to both systems:

  • – Additional wired or wireless PIR sensors.
  • Reed switches (including roller door reed) and garage automation with key-fobs.
  • – Pet-friendly Tritech PIR sensors (up to 45 kg).
  • – Smoke detectors.


In other words, Bosch 3000 is designed for simple homes, while Bosch 6000 is more designed for residential and commercial purposes. In addition, many homeowners opt for the Bosch 6000 alarm system for its size, its number of users, and its extra features. But Bosch 6000 costs slightly more than the 3000 one, as a starting kit, but it is worth its price, and you can also merge it with other security systems!

So, did you make up your mind? Which Bosch security system suits you best?

At Nestorsecurity, we help our clients make the best decisions that meet their needs and budget.

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