Security Alarm Systems: The New Hikvision AX Pro

security alarm system

What is the hikvision AX PRO alarm system?

Security Alarm Systems are the new rage. In the technology domain, creativity is always doing its best to invent products that do more while being simpler to use, and the Hikvision AX PRO alarm system is a perfect example. In fact, it’s an amazing ultra-new design that includes the power and reliability of the past security alarm systems, combined with the simplicity of future technology.

As a result, AX PRO is conventional and extreme, with verified wireless strength, and is very easy to handle by installers and users. In other words, a simple installation, proven security – for businessmen and homeowners – bringing peace of mind to the end-users.

Hikivsion fully wireless Accessories

The new Hikivsion AX Pro security alarm systems are fully wireless, designed for homes and offices. Also, this forward-thinking interaction of technologies is all combined in a minimalist, compressed, and fine panel, delivering multi-configuration techniques. Moreover, the end-user has complete control of the system via the Hik-Connect smart application and iVMS as a video verification through the ‘Intruder Verification as a Service’ (IVaaS).

You can both set up and handle the alarm system remotely. Moreover, this Hikvison wireless security alarm system supports internal and external detectors, contacts, keyfobs, and life safety sensors. All with an HQ video and photo verification from the camera detectors.

Furthermore, this Hikvision AX Pro system includes as well a wide range of wireless intrusion devices, easily installed through signal strength indicators and a one-push-to-connect option.

  • Some Accessories:
  • Keypad
  • PIR detectors
  • Camera PIR detectors
  • Outdoor siren
  • Indoor siren
  • Emergency button
  • Reed switches
  • Glass break
  • Keyfobs
  • Hik-connect smartphone App for monitoring the alarm system

Security Alarm Systems: How does Hikvision AX PRO operate?

The control panel of the Hikvision AX PRO security alarm system is the center of the whole security system. Then, you can add a wide range of devices, counting indoor and outdoor detectors, sounders, repeaters, relays, and arming devices, creating a customized alarm system that meets your specific needs.

Moreover, all the above-mentioned devices are easily installed and the end-user can control and configure them with ease, through the Hik-Connect and Hik-ProConnect smart Apps. Once the alarm system is incorporated, more devices can still be easily added later on, using the hub interface.

Besides, the Hikvision AX PRO alarm system can be combined with an already existing Hikvision CCTV camera system. Additionally, both combined can create a comprehensive home security solution, controlled and configured from your phone.

Security Alarm Systems: Running the Hikvision system

This security alarm system is easily and flexibly installed and is completely wireless. So, you or the installation company should just install the center and link the devices to the hub with screws or glue, that depends on the mounting surface. Finally, when everything is connected, and set in its place, you can connect the system to the network through the smartphone app.

4 reasons to choose the Hikvision AX PRO alarm system

  • Prevent intrusion from the very start

Place the devices around windows, doors, and other places where potential burglaries or intrusions might happen. Furthermore, the Hikvision AX PRO sensors deliver exact detection, inside and outside your house or business, day and night.

  • Detect risks before they break out

The AX PRO system creates a safer ambiance for families since it delivers fire and water leakage detection before the catastrophe occurs

  • Stay informed with real-time video clips

Power-driven by Hikvision’s IVaaS technology, homeowners and business owners are able to validate alarms by watching video clips or picture snaps while they are not home or at the office.

  • Intelligent control with a scalable system

Install intelligent control with a wide range of smart devices, relays, outlets, and much more. Also, the Hikvision AX PRO security alarm system is adaptable and can be connected to other Hikvision devices.

Security Alarm Systems, Hikvision AX Pro: Technical core features

  • Video Verification

Intrusion Verification as a Service (IVaaS) Technology sends one event video clip of 7 seconds, or up to 20 photos snaps through the Hik-Connect smart App or by email for well-timed verification.

  • Wireless transmission

Guarantees fast and safe wireless communication.

Tri-X and CAM-X Wireless Technology

Up to 2000-meters-distance transmission

Dual RF-Chip Design

Time-division multiple-access Technology

Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum Technology

Relay Transmission Technology

AES-128 Encryption

  • Detection technology

Precise detection, with few to no false alarms or missing ones.

3D Optics Technology

Pet-immunity technology

Independent Floating Thresholds

Digital Temperature-Compensation Technology

Broadband Sound Recognition Technology

Maintain your alarm system in a simple way

The end-users can conveniently manage and maintain the Hikvision AX PRO security alarm system via the Hik Pro-Connect Smart App, and installers through the Web Portal. In addition, installers and monitoring stations oversee the status of the alarm system anytime from anywhere, of course, with the authorization of the end-user. Moreover, to receive updates of installer maintenance services, end-users could use the health status report tool.

Nestor security Hikvision AX Pro package installation

Want a completely wireless system that secures your home or office with both alarm and video verification? Then, you are at the right place, Hikvision AX PRO is the most advanced wireless alarm and video system that can be easily installed in your home or office for maximum protection and convenience. Thus, check below the 2 different options we, at Nestor Security, offer:

  • Option 1 Features: Normal PIR sensors

1 x AX Pro main panel
1 x Hikvision AX PRO Series Wireless Keypad
2 x Wireless PIR Detector (up to 30 kg) sensor
1 x Hikvision AX PRO Series Wireless Indoor Sounder (4 x batteries)
1 x keyFob

24 months parts & Labour warranty

  • Options that can be added to this package
  • PIR
  • PIR Camera
  • Reed switches for doors
  • Outdoor siren
  • Portable wireless emergency button
  • Wall-mounted wireless emergency button
  • Add additional sensors and devices to your system with extra fees:
  • Pet-Friendly PIR sensor
  • PIR Camera Sensor
  • Hikvision AX PRO Series:
    • Wireless Outdoor Sounder / Strobe
      • Wireless Magnetic Contact
        • Portable Wireless Emergency Button
          • Wall Mounted Wireless Emergency Button

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